Hug and Hatch// To hug & hatch healthy feet!

Shoes for your little ones are so important, especially when they're learning to walk, when A was learning we were frustrated because we didn't feel anything on the market at the time was flexible or comfortable enough for his feet, so feeling deflated we put off shoes until A wanted to walk around out and about.

Coupled with the lack of flexibility we found a lack of designs quite poor, especially for boys, A didn't want to wear anything Pink with sparkles or frills, so we were left feeling disappointed.

Whilst at Dot to Dot London, we got chatting to two lovely Ladies who set up Hug and Hatch, great designed shoes for your little walkers!

We love the range of designs, which would make any girl or boy proud to wear them, the felt great to the touch, were flexible without being floppy like really cheap shoes are.

We love they really look like "run around in" shoes & love the suede & leather designs.

The back to school collection (see above photos) look comfortable & not likely to feel heavy when your child(ren) are walking.

The shoe sizes come in EU, but Hug & Hatch have a handy easy to use foot gauge to download & use at home! 

We cant wait to get A some pairs of Hug & Hatch shoes!