The Life- changing magic of tidying by Marie Kondo// Does it really work??

Tidying hasn't necessarily ever been a big problem for me, when I was younger I used to draw scale plans of my room & where I wanted things with the space I had. (yes I know that's odd isn't it!)

I saw this book by Marie Kondo, via someone on Instagram & heard lots of positive comments, cynical about the contents of the book I actually got it for christmas.

I began reading straight away & really liked what she had put, from page to page I read & It really got me thinking.

Tidying has never been a problem until I became a mother, I have kept every.single.thing my son has ever worn or played with,to the point I worry about the structural integrity of our spare room.

Now a few years on with the help of reading the books contents I finally feel ready to go through these things with a steadier heart, & a clearer mind.

I began with my own belongings, unfortunately I have no photos to show you of that, but what I can say is I got rid of 4 bin bags I donated to local charity shops & I threw away 3 destined for recycling & general waste.

I was & am so proud of myself for doing that, now my bedroom looks less like a dumping ground & more like a bedroom, I still have lots to do in there like re-decorating for example, but I feel like I can breathe in there now.

The weekend I began on A's baby clothes. I had way too much of everything & so I emptied our attic & I sifted through the boxes in our spare room.

I treated the process like an event, like the book instructs, and it was, it was a defining moment that I had finally lost the major anxiety it once brought me, I went through the things one by one, I wasn't as ruthless as I probably should have been, however as we're trying for baby #2 I figured there was little point in bagging up every last item.

That day I had 1 bin bag (not pictured) destined for recycling & general waste & 3 bags for charity. 

I still have another half of the spare room to finish, but our attic is completely empty now & our spare room is looking more & more like a room instead of a dumping area. 

I'm happy I did this. & whilst I'm sure the book is helping my mindset I don't think it's solely responsible for my getting rid of 7 bin bags of items & 4 bin bags of rubbish.

I will continue to read this book until It's finished, personally speaking if you've already made up your mind to tidy, you will succeed. 

So in short, "Does this book really work?" I guess you could call this a yes from me.