Snoopy & Charlie Brown -The Peanuts Movie // Storybook

Now A is excited about films & will sit through one, We have all been looking forward to Snoopy & Charlie Brown The peanuts Movie.

So to get A extra excited before we see the movie we're reading the Storybook!

A loves the bold coloured pages & pictures, he sat with Dean and he started to read..

The story starts on a wintry school morning..

"Snow!" A said- "Do you think we'll have snow A?" 
"Yes Dada"

The storyline from the first page captured his imagination.

"Oh no Charlie Brown's Kite!" 

The text from page to page would also make a brilliant reading book at home for those who are in Primary school!

A followed the story very well & constantly asked questions like:

"What's he doing?" 

and recognised that he has a best friend who is a girl & told us all her name.

A laughed at the picture of Snoopy & Sally on the sofa , but also said to us "We don't stand on the sofa, that's not very nice is it!". 

We loved the storybook of Snoopy & Charlie Brown The peanuts movie, it's got A pestering us to take him to "The big telly" (cinema) so we'll be taking him very very soon!.

It's a lovely size book, not too long, The colours & pictures as well as the well written storyline really helped keep his concentration & focus, not one bottom shuffle or fidget either!.

we highly recommend this book for your child(ren)!

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