Panko Chicken// Great alternative to chicken nuggets!

I really dislike the look of chicken nuggets, smashed up chicken into these odd little shapes, A isn't really a fan of poultry, fish or meats, So in my quest to make it as healthy & appetising as possible for him I came up with an alternative to Chicken nuggets, tastier, a little healthier too & without all those preservatives & nasties.

Panko Chicken.

You will need:
Chicken fillet(s) ( Don't bother buying the ready cut up pieces, they're not only pumped full of water but a total waste of time & money!) 
Plain Flour
Eggs (I used 2 for my 1 fillet)
Panko breadcrumbs (You can buy a packet in Tesco stores, oriental supermarkets etc..)
Oil (I use Olive oil, but whichever you prefer!)

1. beat the eggs into a bowl, flour in one tray (or plate) and the Panko in another 

2. Chop the chicken up into bite sized pieces, they don't have to be uniform looking or similar sizes, these pieces were the smallest I had in a pack I brought from our local Butchers, we buy all our Meat & Poultry there, & we believe that we're supporting locally sourced meats & Poultry, But If you have no local butchers (like a lot of places now don't) frozen chicken is a little easier on the pocket If price Is an issue, and you get bigger portions!!

3. Now is time to coat the chicken

First submerge your chicken piece in the whisked eggs, then into the flour.
once the chicken is coated put back into the egg.
lastly put the chicken piece into the Panko breadcrumbs & set aside repeating with all of the pieces.

4. If you have your own fryer then use that, If like me you don't then I put some oil into a pan, I didn't fill the pan, just enough that it wouldn't be touching the bottom of the pan, shallow frying I always find a little more comfortable doing.

Once the Oil is hot enough, place your chicken pieces in one at a time, do not be tempted to move them around just yet, let them stay in their positions for a minute or two before turning them over, this prevents them from breaking apart before they've even had time to cook.

5.  Once they're golden brown transfer each piece into a baking dish

And serve!

I served A's with Sweet potato fries, Sesame green beans & baby corn on the cob.

And honestly he ate everything on that plate, for one of the first times since he was 7-8 months old he had a clean plate. he told me it was delicious & made his usual "nom nom" dinnertime noises.

He's never done that with shop brought chicken nuggets, & I'm not just saying that to big up this recipe, the coating was crunchy but not hard or sharp to bite into. it allowed the chicken to cook beautifully & not one of the pieces were greasy or rubbery feeling.

A can be very awkward with new things on his plate, & honestly at first I didn't think he would try them, but he did & I'll be making these from now on!.

If your budget concious or perhaps not, it's a great recipe to use on children that are a little picky because it doesn't taste really different, If your child was allergic to eggs you could use milk. that's the beauty of cooking, you can change it around to the tastes that suit you!.

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