OXO// Baby & Toddler Mealtime range!

Baby & Toddler feeding equipment I always find difficult to buy, there's so many to choose from, but nothing I felt that would help A to use cutlery by himself, a set that would stay on the table & not slip & slide everywhere whilst also helping A to use cutlery in a way that didn't leave him stressed out & messy.


Oxo creates feeding equipment such as Cups,plates,baby food storage,cleaning equipment, big kid water bottles & even potty seating! with your little one(s) in mind!.

Read on to find out what we thought of OXO's range.

Firstly we picked up this training plate suitable from 6 months + It feels sturdy, well designed & easy to clean, the green rim around the top can be removed for easy cleaning.

A decided to have a little snack after Nursery using his new plate, It holds a good amount for a Baby & toddler.

We've also been using it for Dinners & A gets on very well with using his cutlery in this plate, it gives him the freedom to feed himself, even if his food tends to slide around the plate.

I found there were no spills & A was a lot happier because he could eat like myself & Dean, that's because of its green rubbery base too I'm sure, because it stopped the constant moving ordinary plates do. (see above picture).

I can see this being a very good plate for those who are weaning also, gives the parent & baby opportunity to both have a go with ease.

Secondly is this small & Large bowl set for 6 months + 

These bowls are ideal for cereals, snacks, fruit, biscuits etc..
With it's sturdy lids, you don't have to worry about them getting bent out of shape and consequently not having a proper seal on the bowl.

I really like that they're quite deep bowls also, not shallow like others I have seen.


I even pop them in my bag when out & about, it's base has this rubbery type feel meaning it stays put on all surfaces I put it on.

Lastly Is the Twist top water bottle 300ml, we love it's design, especially with the volumes printed on the side of the bottle, a great idea for those who are concerned or want to ensure their little one is drinking plenty. 

The handle isn't solid, but a little malleable, the straw is a good size & the twist function works & doesn't leak!.

It's A's water bottle for Nursery & although A finds it a tiny bit tricky to open, this I know is simply because his previous one was a flip top- unreliable & leaky to say the least!.

A finds it easy to drink from, & I know he's enjoying this mealtime independence (despite the frowny face in the picture!)

We love the OXO range & wish we could have known about them when A was starting his Weaning journey, but know A is in the newest adventure- independence, OXO has really helped transition him into feeding himself & using cutlery properly.

We highly recommend OXO's range of Toddler & Baby Equipment, a simply brilliant range that is not only functional, but easy to use, clean & encourages little ones to feed themselves too.

Zombiiemummy was sent items from OXO in exchange for an honest review, all thoughts are our own, all photography used is our own, however those that aren't have been used with full permission from it's original sources, for the use of Zombiiemummy and none contained on our blog should be taken,used or copied.