Chatbooks// Hold on to what matters.

I love that we have digital photos, we can store them away, or choose to share them with others, be it social media or just to family & friends.

I've been looking for a way I can have my treasured photo's on my Instagram in a book, a way to look at them instantly whenever I wanted, a way to share physical copy(ies), laugh with A, Dean, family & friends about all of the memories we've created.

Everywhere I looked I was disappointed, the layout,the style, the themed brightly coloured pages & the sizes!, it just wasn't what I was looking for..



Hold on to what matters..

Chatbooks has a very easy to use app!, & you can literally do it from a sofa, on a train, in between your little one(s) nap times or even in your work lunch break!

you can add a book title, I decided on "Our World.." simply because it really fits with the photo's I take.

You can scroll across to all of the books, your photos have created so far!, I love this feature, you really get a feel for what it will look like in front of you.

Another feature I like is, you can click on a particular volume and flick through the photo's that will be included.
(or leave it as a surprise! totally up to you!)

Also choosing a front cover for your Chatbooks.

And also deciding which one(s) you want to leave out of your Chatbook!.

There is a choice to edit to your captions & location if you wish also.
And choose a hard cover for just an additional $5.

When deciding on how many volumes per month you would like, you get to check your Chatbook before purchasing, which gave me the peace of mind that it was my chatbook & I was in control.

Choose from: sending them all straight away, 1, 5 or 10 volumes per month.

add your shipping address (it remembers it so there's no constantly filling it in!) 

payment & your done!

I chose 1 per month, so each month I get an exciting little parcel for us all to enjoy over & over again!.

The size of the chatbook is approx 15.5cm x 15.3cm.

The book has an overall matte feel & is that perfect coffee table size or shelf size, they would look excellent stacked or sat side by side.

I love that each picture has the date on it & caption, it feels so personal & makes the photos really stand out against the white book.

The quality of each photo isn't stretched or lower quality, like many photo type books manage to do.. 

My Chatbook makes me want to pick it up again and again!.

I'm very much looking forward to my next Chatbook!, & have even more memories to share.

Nowadays us parents have no time to be scrap booking (I personally dislike the idea anyway..) or printing many many (If not hundreds) of photos & finding the time to organise them into an album.

I find Chatbooks & the service they provide excellent, I love the design, the quality, the step by step way the app guides you through, right down to the delivery.

If Instagram isn't your thing, you can create a custom book, by using your photos stored in your phone or Facebook account! 

You can find Chatbooks at  or by searching on the App Store "Chatbooks" 

I'll be showing my next Chatbook next time!

Use this code to get your first Chatbook FREE on me :) 

Zombiiemummy was sent a code to use the services of Chatbooks in exchange for an honest review, all thoughts are our own, all photography used is our own, however those that aren't have been used with full permission from it's original sources for the use of Zombiiemummy & non contained on our blog should be taken, used or copied.