Baking Day

Sometimes there's just those days when nothing you do on that cold, yucky weather day will occupy your little one(s).

A & I get those days too.

So we decided to do some baking, I found a delicious recipe for some jam biscuits & decided it would be a lovely little activity for us to do.

I really think baking with children young or not so young is such a good, not only activity but Idea also, cooking or baking a wide variety of things is educational, even when it's not intended.

Mixing with his own little wooden spoon!, looks like I'll need to make him an apron for baking & cooking in the future!.

crushing some almonds.

Getting all the, ingredients ready before hand is so much easier! haha

Although we don't have a lot of cookie cutters, we improvised with some existing ones, We're not aiming for perfection nor packet quality, after all A is 3 & I think they taste so much better when you're children help :)

A really enjoyed them & so did we! a lovely little treat for us all (and they went down well with a tea too!)