The last 2015 Children's Fashion Haul!.

I haven't really purchased a lot for A this year, mostly because I purchased 80% of his things the year previous.

He's only now starting to outgrow things.

below is a few things I've purchased for A.

x2 leggings
x2 sweater/jumpers
x1 long sleeve tee.

First is this gorgeous sweater/jumper by Tootsa MacGinty 

I love the little Lion that can hide in the top pocket! so does A 

Secondly is this gorgeous pair of Leggings by Young Double

I love the details & the free flow feel it has. It goes well with anything on A, from a long sleeve tee to a short sleeve shirt, it has the ability to be dressed up or down depending.

next is this awesome print leggings by Mini Rodini

A loves monkeys & bananas too.

This print goes really well with a grey tee, I feel its not a loud print in any way, but it's another one of Mini Rodini's excellent pieces A now owns.

A pixel long sleeve!, I had to buy it, who wouldn't?!

I've purchased items from Boys&Girls before when A was a baby & have been the one lot of pieces that have stayed looking bright, bold & in excellent quality throughout.

So I'm now really glad to carry on purchasing from them.

I love the detail on the arm, it's embroidered, but doesn't feel like it'll irritate the skin or the child in any way.

Lastly is this gorgeous sweater/jumper by Gro  

I've loved Gro for quite a while now,but haven't added any of their pieces to A's growing clothing collection (honestly his clothes are so much better than my own!) 

So finally I've purchased something for him, & it's just perfect for everyday wear, nursery, days out etc..

It will not be the last you'll see of Gro on our blog thats for sure!.

I cannot believe this is the last children's fashion haul for 2015!, here's to many many more in 2016!