Review// Bearded Colonel- Ultimate gifting for the hairy love in your life.

As I've not got a glorious beard & moustache like Dean's (wait for it menopause!!) I'm passing on this review to my lovely bearded man Dean.


Bearded Colonel

Bearded Colonel is about one thing, a better way to shave, how do you achieve this?, A well made razor that gives a close shave whilst not costing the earth to refill, no more will you need to use a dull blade because you forgot your refill from the shops, you can just sit back and wait for your kit to arrive as they are delivered right to your door and fit though your letter box!, their blades are made in Germany, which supply some of the best barbers in Europe, so you know your going to get a blade that will cut thought the toughest of stubble. 

Brush & Sandalwood Shaving Cream (combo)

My first impressions of the handle was the weight of it, a lot of the big brand razors feel like cheap plastic, you feel like you could brake it if you squeeze it to tight, The Bearded Colonel handle has a solid, sturdy grip & feel to it.
 The four blades came in a tin which each one had a protective cover on them so you know they won't get bashed about in the post, you can tell the blades are all precision made. 
The sandalwood shaving cream you could smell even before you opened it, it comes in pot form so it means it's easy to store away,no matter where you are.
The shaving brush jumped at me first as I've always seen them in movies and always wanted one and love how nice it looks. 

The razors fit into the handle with a simple push and click none of this having to hold something down and then trying to angle just right to get it in place, the tin & razors seal well inside the tin,so no matter how steamy your bathroom gets you know the blazes won't get damaged over time, the shaving cream pot is nice and slim & will fit into any bathroom shelf or cabinet.The shaving brush Is great quality & using it was an absolute joy, no synthetic bristles in sight, 100% badger hair.   

The sandalwood scented shaving cream smells great it isn't over powering & is subtle enough to still smell it though the day, sandalwood works best with men who have normal to dry skin types. Sandalwood is a known natural antiseptic that soothes, moisturises and rejuvenates the skin. With antibacterial and healing properties, sandalwood is a natural skin conditioner. 

When you take the protective cover off of the razor you can see that the blades are spaced apart just enough that you can wash off the shaving cream with ease after each use, the eucalyptus strip at the top of the razors really helps with cutting down the "tugging" feeling you get with shaving and cuts down irritation you can usually experience with shaving.  

I was ready to get started on my shave, I put a little amount of the cream in my hand with a little bit of water and started to build up a good lather using the brush, I notice that the brush was made from badger hair which really built up a good lather.

Then when I started to use the brush to put cream on my neck it was soft enough that it didn't feel like I was stabbing my self with a hard brush, it also covered more of my shaving area then it would if I used my hand and was also quicker as the brush spaced out and covered more, which cut my pre shaving time.

From the moment I put the razor to my neck and started to shave I could feel and see how much for a close shave I was getting, the eucalyptus strip was really helping keep the redness away and stopping any "tugging" I was getting, with the big brands I always had red shaving marks on me as well as a "tugging " feeling while shaving, and because the blades were spaced apart, when it came to rinse the razor it was simple & quick, there wasn't any swishing or bashing needed to get off the stubble, which helped make the shaving quicker and easier knowing I could actually enjoy shaving, rather than dread it.

The handle is a sandwich of metal and rubber. The rubber underside insures good grip. A solid metal core gives the handle added weight for extra stability, reducing the chances of cuts. The top layer is textured metal, allowing your thumb to grip the handle without sacrificing mobility, helping you get that much more precision.

 Overall I am converted to Bearded Colonel's way of shaving, the blades Superior quality, the handle is nicely weighted and solid, the shaving cream is smoothing to the skin and really helped make my skin stay nice and smooth & with a long lasting scent, & the Brush was fantastic.

I really wish I started with Bearded Colonel sooner, as it gave me the closest shave I have had in a long time, if ever. 

So why not treat the bearded or clean shaven person in your life to a Bearded Colonel subscription today its a perfect to know your giving your love one a shave they will love and you will never have to worry about a bad shave again.

Flexible Subscription:

£10 per month

choose from: Each month, Every 2 months, Every 3 months.

Dont forget to check out the shop for extras!.

My overall experience was simply fantastic, I didn't have to redo any part of my neck or face, it gave me a really close shave that is just what you will get at a barbers, but in the comfort of your own home!

 How do I know it was a good close shave? 
It's been 4 days and my stubble is only just showing, which compared to others it would of been very visible by now.

 I am one happy man, the Bearded Colonel brand is here to stay for all of my shaving needs, it has given me the closest at home shave ever.

Its left me with softer, healthier looking skin, no more shaving rash or cuts for me!

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