Our Christmas & 2016

Our christmas was lovely, Last year I hosted for the very first time, so it was nice this year to spend it with my family.

A few days before we had an early type christmas do with Dean's family, It was really lovely to see all the children rip open their christmas presents from grandma & grandpa, & our baby nephew got a good little christmas pile too!.

A has been so much more aware of christmas & more excited too, last year he screamed bloody murder at father christmas, this year he had a long conversation with him!, it sure is amazing.. when I think back to his very first christmas to now.

He had some lovely gifts in all, he got so much Lego City kits he only needs 3 more apparently and he'll have the entire range!..

We ate lots & laughed too, of course christmas period wouldn't be complete without a few misunderstandings.. but when there's 5+ people all under one roof it's hardly surprising really.

I'm looking forward to waving goodbye to our 2015 & welcoming 2016 with eager anticipation.

Goodbye 2015, you've taught us a lot.