Christmas looming, new beginnings,secret Santa & friendship.

Christmas is weeks away, I'm pretty sure I have everything done,finished, just a few left to wrap & a birthday card for Dean to buy. I was not organised early this year like I was last year, which was a little under my control, this year has been crazier & a little more expensive than anticipated.

I brought something I shouldn't have in the Black Friday sales..yes I do realise how stupid it was, in hindsight It wasn't something for me, rather something for our home, It's made our lives easier & perhaps not so much of a bad purchase in the long run.

Our happiness jar is almost full, & I cannot believe it, I'm looking forward to drinking a beverage of choice with Dean and reading them all, and reflecting on all the great times of this year!.

I took part in a secret santa, I wont say who I sent mine to, but I sent this lovely lady a few things in a box I made all christmassy!, I haven't opened mine yet & I'm looking forward to opening mine on christmas day!.

2016 is a new year, I hope to accomplish a few things, none of which are "lose weight" or "stay more positive" mine are more small things to perhaps one rather large thing.. become a mama to two. this has proved so far this year the most painful journey, I have literally been brought to my knees this year.

I want 2016 to be so much more different. I want it to be full of excitement, new experiences for us as a family & each of us personally.

With new beginnings I want to try some new crafty type projects, for my own personal enjoyment.
so this year I backed a fantastic subscription service & my second box has been the most exciting yet! more on that soon..