A catchup/ramble

Our weekend was full of the various things that usually make up our weekend, visiting Dean's family, I do love those visits, I really feel part of a big family unit.

A playing at the park in the week, after Nursery.

We've also been doing a lot of clearing away, and throwing things out (between,recycling & donating to charity shops) first we sorted out our cupboard under the stairs, boy am I glad we did it!, a large bin bag later, Its a lot more organised & clearer, not to mention cleaner!, 
I intend to put some hooks up to hang my ironing board & steam mop etc..

After that was A's room, we've rearranged his bed & drawers and it's just a lot better now. I've only ever changed his room around 3 x, simply because I didn't want it to disturb his sleep, everything being in a different place, but he really seems to like it the way it is now.

Lastly was our spare room, It's been our main dumping ground since we brought the house, It's unloved d├ęcor wise & still has the old carpet that was in when we moved in, I have this double desk I'm trying to find a home for, so I was in there with the intention of clearing & cleaning.. another bin bag later it was done.
Dean's not happy I've kept every bit of A's baby stuff including bulky toys, to be fair I've taken a lot of A's old toys to charities, & when we finally do have our last baby, they'll have A to play with & wont quite need as many toys as A collected..

Christmas Crafts!

Lastly I've been trying to get into the christmas spirit with christmas activities, we've been enjoying Okido magazine ones, & we're also doing our own wrapping paper designs this year, It's looking a lot more personal than shop brought, and 15 meters for £1 and then putting your own designs on sturdy paper is a lot better than the cheap stuff in our opinion.