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Hotel rooms in london, for parents they can be pretty stressful places, the family rooms they aim at families just aren't adequate enough, your child gets a bed in the corner, literally a cough away from your own bed, there's nowhere to relax once your child is in bed, & everything just feels uncomfortable & inevitably leads to a poor nights sleep & grumpy parents.

As a family we've stayed in our fair share of hotels, and picked ones that claim to be family friendly, but what we both quickly discovered is, these were but a single bed in a double room, this doesn't make it a "family room" in our opinion, there's nothing quaint, enjoyable or relaxing about the experience, & actually we left each time, stressed out, A was missing a bedroom environment & we lacked time to ourselves, a good book or simply watching a film on the TV.

We had the chance to try out an alternative to the dreaded cramped,stress inducing hotel rooms.

Merino Hospitality.

Luxury Bloomsbury Serviced Apartments by Merino Hospitality 

We stayed at Orchid Way an Apartment that sleeps 4 

Just one of 1 of 4 properties on offer, suitable for numbers of guests large or small.

Merino Hospitality offers places of calm & tranquility in London where you can relax & enjoy the company of your family & friends, but without missing out on the city life it has on offer.

As you walk in your greeted with a light, clean, crisp, modestly designed space, space you can use for stroller, or to simply come in and remove outerwear such as shoes & coats.

To your left is the living/dining/kitchen area.

The living area felt a place of calm, not only great for socialising with family & friends but also as a place for your children to wind down, after a busy day.

The TV had on demand facilities & Netflix, simply log into your own account or use their own.

Winding down is exactly what A did, after exploring London.

The apartment was cosy, warm, extremely clean & didn't overload our senses with colors & objects.

I didn't feel the immense pressure I usually do to keep A's hands away from things, instead I felt reassured that when he wanted to walk around, I wasn't going to hear a crash or bang.

The kitchen area was fantastic, I really felt comfortable cooking in the space & had everything we needed.

You cant cook in a hotel room that for sure!

The washing machine was a welcomed addition, knowing if A made any mess or accidents to clothing, I could wash them straight away rather than bag them up and leave them.

Tea for two after a busy day around London.

Down stairs bathroom.

Shower, toilet, sink & towel heater.

Going upstairs didn't feel daunting or tricky, even for A, he had no problems, there was no slippy steps.

Upstairs bathroom, similar in design as the other, but with a lovely bath, knowing the adults can have the choice of showers or a bath for the little ones.

A's bedroom
 The bed was comfy and the room felt cosy, warm & the sky light blinds provided darkness for bedtime.

The image above has been edited only slightly, to give you the idea of the details & to give you the feel of how excellently the blinds worked in blocking out light.

Out of A's room and a few paces is our room, up a few steps and..

This room, has been well designed, decorated & really feels like a grown-up room.
There was plenty of storage for our bags (I did some shopping...)
& a space a little further up to do some work at a desk.

Up some stairs in the room is the upper part of the room..

A secret play room! 

The chalk board wall was amazing to A, & the Lego just sold it to him further, we all sat together playing with lego, laughing & trying out the lighting. It was cosy & warm too!

Bedtime came.. 

A's usual bedtime routine didn't have to be changed or adapted around where we were staying, instead where we stayed, adapted around A's bedtime. 

A got a great nights sleep!.

We opened a bottle of wine & smiled, we could sit, relax & have us time, knowing that A was happy sleeping upstairs. 

Dean even got to have a friend over for a catch up, a friend he's known for a very long time, and so happened to be in London, staying literally not far around the corner from us, so we three, laughed, chatting & joked between ourselves all about having kids & usual life things.

We could have never have done that staying elsewhere, our stay from start to finish was calm, full of family fun & great nights sleep all round!.

Our usual morning routine began again, but with a big difference, A could help get himself ready in the mornings, just like at home & we could have breakfast at a table, just like at home.

We munched our breakfast, drank our coffee's & A drank his (it was just plain milk ) 
& before we knew it we had to say goodbye to our cosy London Apartment.

If I could make one point it would be to have a potty or child toilet seat for the toilet, as A is progressing well with his potty training, It would be nice for the option to be there. (but as we didn't ask, we didn't find out if there was one).

We never have to worry about staying in an inadequate hotel space again thanks to Merino Hospitality.

knowing that if there's anything we need, we can simply ask, is of great comfort to us as a family, and for larger families I can see even more of a reason to choose Merino Hospitality.

Check out Merino Hospitality fantastic Luxury Apartments in London today!.

Zombiiemummy was offered a nights stay at a Merino Hospitality Apartment in exchange for an honest review, all thoughts are our own, all photography is our own, however those that aren't have been used with full permission from it's original sources for the use of Zombiiemummy & none contained on our blog should be taken or copied.