Review//Max & Nancy Hairdust.

Hairydust is the first natural and organic dry shampoo for children.

You know the scenario, you've had the day to end all day's, it all started out so well, but has ended up with the contents of dinner in your little ones hair,snot & lets not even find out what that is...

When your out and about there's no chucking them in the bath and getting their hair all nice and clean again, so what is the other alternative?

Max & Nancy Hairydust.

Dry Shampoo for children.

The bottle is 20g

and stands 9cm tall

with 50 + uses!.

It's shape is a really nice one, & one that I can pop in and out of my bag with ease, put inside a toiletries bag or just stand proudly on our bathroom shelf.

The packaging is gorgeous, and understated, I love that it's not aimed at a specific gender.

Hairydust contains 100% natural ingredients, paraben free & not tested on animals!

Tapioca Starch, Sodium Bicarbonate, Cucumis Sativus (Cucumber) Fruit Extract, Zea Mays Flour, Anthemis Nobilis (Organic Roman Chamomile) Flower Oil, Limonene

The above photo's show the cap closed & open, ready to sprinkle the product, there was no difficult twisting, no pulling anything up or pressing anything down, just a quick twist and it's ready to be used!


Read on to find out how we found Max & Nancy Hairydust.

After a busy day out and about, full of activities, outside play and throwing leaves, A's hair was looking less than clean, (not to mention messy) but never fear!, Max & Nancy Hairydust is here!

We shook, ruffled the product into A's hair and that was it!, A was off playing Lego & cars.


Usually with washing his hair, it's the usual crying,or screaming, or a combination of both, and the endless battle to finally get his hair shampoo's exhausting mentally & physically.

But this time around our routine was a lot easier, a lot more stress free, I found us giggling about things & talking about plans for the week ahead, and a triumph in itself is, I smiled! yup! Hairydust has certainly helped turn that messy day into a day of joy,laughter & smiles again!.

I asked A where he wanted me to make his hair magically clean, without water in his eyes, and he piped up immediately and said his bedroom!. so we did. A sat wonderfully, although the age old saying of "never working with animals and children" certainly rang true whilst trying to document our experience in photographs..

There was absolutely no smell, it didn't volumize his hair, unlike adult dry shampoo's do. (I have never used adult dry shampoo in A's hair, but I have for myself, hence this previous statement).

It left A's hair clean, grot free, no knots in his hair, wonderfully shiny, and it didn't feel like I'd massaged in a small bag of flour into his hair either (you know that dry powdery feel).

Despite A needing a trim..

Clean, shiny happy looking hair, A & happy Muma & Dada too!

We really recommend Max & Nancy Hairydust, it takes the hassle out of getting grot from your little ones hair, wherever you are.
It's a great size, & best of all it really does work!
I wish I had some when A was a baby that's for sure!

We're going to make sure that we don't run out of Max & Nancy Hairydust, It's our new favourite product for A!.

Max & Nancy Hairydust makes a terrific stocking filler for Christmas too! and at only £7.99 you can take the stress out of those mucky moments for your loved one,friend or for your own little mess maker!.

Zombiiemummy was sent Max & Nancy Hairydust in exchange for an honest review, all thoughts are our own, all photography used is our own,however those that aren't have been used with full permission from it's original sources for the use of Zombiiemummy & none contained on our blog should be taken or copied.