Review// Breakfast With Father Christmas!.

Wyevale Garden Centre- Breakfast with Father Christmas

A is now 3, he is so much more aware of the world, and with that came the beginning of telling him all about Father Christmas.

We were all very excited when we were invited by Wyevale Garden centre to have breakfast with Father Christmas, A was especially excited!.

read on all about our time with Father Christmas..

"Look Muma!, what's this?".

We were seated by a very helpful Lady elf, she was friendly, welcomed us all, & took the time to speak to A too, which A really liked.

I couldn't even take off my scarf, before A wanted to pull a cracker with me! haha.

I think a Christmas hat suits him.

We sat down, Dean had a lovely cup of coffee, & I had a hot cup of tea, A got to have orange squash & enjoyed the colouring in sheet with crayons he got to use, whilst we waited.

 say "Father Christmas!".

The Lady Elf asked the children & us adults, to all call for Father Christmas, as he got lost!
before we knew it father christmas was walking in, all of the children's faces lit up!, including A's.

Father Christmas later told us, he did prefer how he used to greet the children before, by welcoming them in, but I must confess, using the story that father christmas was lost, added the magic for the children, & got them excited even more.

There was a total of 7 tables of families, ranging from 2 people to one family with grandparents, we didn't feel crammed in with others, or hurried at all.

Father Christmas greeted every table one by one, and spent time with each, it was such a lovely touch & made each child feel special.

A told Father Christmas all about how excited he was for breakfast!

Breakfast came, & boy was A hungry! the portion sizes for Children to Adults were spot on.

All our breakfasts came hot, and absolutely delicious.

A ate every last bite of his.

After we all finished our breakfasts, the children each waited their turns patiently, there was no squabbling, no tears from any of the children (including A) 

Finally it was A's turn to see Father Christmas & receive a present!


A waiting with the Lady Elf.

A chose carefully & was very polite, he fell in love with a racing car set.

A really enjoyed chatting to Father Christmas, he said to A he hopes he'll be fast asleep when he drops off his presents.

Father Christmas asked A what he would like from him, he asked for a bike.

A loving his present from Father Christmas.

After sitting with Father christmas, Each child got to decorate their own biscuit!

A decorating his own biscuit.

 A decorated it entirely himself, & ate it..entirely himself!

The Lady Elf laughed with us that she had a box A could take it home in, but A had already eaten it all!.


From beginning to end, our time at Wyevale, having breakfast with Father Christmas was well organised, calm, fun & magical.

The staff & Father christmas made everyone very welcome, we weren't made to feel like another number or person in line.

There was great attention to detail, and made A's first time visiting Father Christmas very special indeed.

If you would like your little one(s) to have breakfast or tea with Father Christmas, click the link in the title (below the first picture) to find out how!.

Our visit included:

x2 Adult Breakfasts

x1 Child Breakfast

Decorating a christmas cookie/biscuit.

Meeting Father Christmas & to choose a christmas present.

We loved our time meeting Father Christmas, & intend on visiting him at Wyevale Garden Centre every year!.

Zombiiemummy was sent E-tickets for x2 adults & x1 child to visit & have breakfast with Father Christmas, total value: £25.97, in exchange for an honest review, all thoughts are our own, all photography used is our own, however those that aren't have been used with full permission from it's original sources for the use of Zombiiemummy and none contained on our blog should be take or copied.