Review// Braun ThermoScan 7 with age precision.

As any typical toddler,  A has had his fair share of bugs.. and as a baby it was no different, especially with older cousins, a bug was inevitable! I remember having this tiny little thermometer, sure it had a digital reading,but it all felt rather fiddly,awkward & didn't answer the questions I had as a semi clueless new mother.

What was normal temperature for my age child?

Does it change when he gets older?

isn't there, by now an easier way to take my child's temperature??

BRAUN ThermoScan 7.

Ear thermometer-with age precision.

The Braun ThermoScan thermometer has been carefully developed for accurate, safe and fast temperature measurements in the ear.

The shape of the thermometer probe prevents it from being inserted too far into the ear canal, which can hurt the eardrum.

As soon as I held the box in my hand I was impressed, I love the easy to read text on the packaging, and the weight of the box, 

Opening inside there was minimal packaging, and nothing fiddly, I'm very impressed with that, a lot of packaging can be so fiddly, even a little dangerous to open (I've cut myself many times on packaging just trying to open it!).

Out of the box, the contents:
  • Braun ThermoScan 7 thermometer x1
  • Protective case with lens filter storage x1
  • Disposable lens filters x21
  • x2 AA batteries.

holding the thermometer in my hands, felt surprisingly less weighty than I anticipated, considering how much reading I did into the ThermoScan 7, but instead I held in my hands a really great thermometer, with a little weight to it, easy to grab and use, store & dispose of used lens filters.

placing & removing a lens onto the thermometer couldn't be simpler, simply put over the top and gently press down until you hear a little click, removing is even easier!, press the button down (as pictured above) and it comes off straight away, you can aim it over a bag,a bin, your hand etc..

when you first turn on, it doesn't take a few minutes for it to spring into action, instead almost immediately it's display shows it's ready for use, (pictured above) 

the age ranges featured on the display, flash from left to right, awaiting for instructions, the handy quick start guide carefully & logically tells you how to use it.

There was no confusion in how to use it, no worrying about having to flick through the proper booklet, especially handy for those wishing to use it as soon as purchased.

The quick start guide has a slightly laminated feel to it, a little bendable, but will last the testament of it's life in our first aid cupboard & travel bag

placing it into the storage case is not fiddly or awkward either, simply put on top, 1 push to click into case and done!.

The thermometer unit (in storage case) total length: 15cm

Thermometer alone: 14.5cm (L)

But what about using it?

Putting it to the test..

Following the Quick start guide I turned on the machine, placed a lens onto the thermometer, pressed the baby icon button, placed into A's ear gently and pressed the large temperature button.

A green display indicates a normal reading
A yellow indicates an elevated reading
A red a high reading.

a handy chart on the quick start guide shows you what's normal & not so normal for your child's age in 0-months,3-months, months-adult.

A was excited to see what "numbers his ear was" (that's as best as I could explain to my toddler)

 (My camera was having a hard time with the many different lighting situations, although it looks like evening, it was in fact 1pm)

A's temperature read at 37.2 based on his age it is a normal reading. A told me that "green means go" so I told him that green on his thermometer means that he is healthy & can go go go! he he don't you love children. :)

I have to say that I wish the ThermoScan 7 by Braun was around when A was a baby, I like to think when we did use a thermometer, the ThermoScan would have lessened our worry, and interference also.

Over 50% of parents lower their child's temperature before it reaches a reading of 38.5°c*

55% of parents in the UK try to reduce their child's fever as soon as the temperature reading is elevated**. Many suffer from what is known as "fever phobia"; worrying fever is an illness. Research indicates that parents fear that fever can cause seizures (32%), brain damage (21%) and death (14%).***

Fever is usually a sign that a child is suffering from a viral or bacterial infection. While sometimes uncomfortable for a little one,it is s sign of a healthy immune system as a fever makes it harder for bacteria and viruses to survive and it can play an important part in a child recovering from an infection.****

I absolutely love the Braun ThermoScan 7 with age precision, it takes the complete worry out of taking my sons temperature, not only because of it's ease of use, but it's clear and precise way of explaining normal ranges of temperature for age of your child.

I found it to be sizeable enough for anybody to use, myself,my husband, even the grandparents tried it out!, but ideal size & weight to put in a travel bag also.

I've recommended this to every parent, parent to be & grandparent(s) I know!.

Click the link to read on! 

* Ipsos, online study among 803 GPs and paediatricians in four European markets, June 2012.
** Survey of 1021 parents found that 564 start to lower their child's temperature between 37.5-38.5°C. Survey conducted by Research Now in the UK on 13th May 2015. 92% of doctors recommend lowering a child's temperature through medication between 38-40°C. Physicians, nurses, and parents attitudes to and knowledge about fever in early childhood. M Sarrel, H A Cohen, E Kahan. Patient Education and Counselling 46 (2002) 61-65

**** Crocetti M., Moghbeli N., Serwint J. Fever phobia revisited: have parental misconceptions about fever changed in 20years? Pediatrics. 2001 Jun;107(6):1241-6.

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