Our Cravendale Story! #MilkDrinkersMilk

Milk, for myself & my little family, It nourishes us, & nothing beats the taste of good British milk, after all- it is the tastiest! 
We only enjoy a glass or two of Milk, if it's Cravendale, it tastes superior to any other in our opinion!.

find out how exactly we all enjoy our cravendale..

Our day begins with a hurried pace to our local park, it's a little park we found by accident,we call it "The secret park" because nobody is ever around but us!.

A is sure getting quicker at those steps!

The swings are by far, A's favourite, he often asks to go "really high" but in reality, he likes a nice steady pace, even if that means going a little slower than other children usually do.

after a lovely walk back home, (no car in sight today! just the pushchair and our feet!) 
A washes his hands and settles amongst his toys, his chosen treat for a fun,busy day?

A glass of whole milk, Cravendale of course!, with A's favourite old milk bottle style glass & his favourite "yellow stripy" straw.

His glass of Cravendale is the only milk he's ever repeatedly told us is "De-licious" (that's delicious to you and I).

And that's an opinion you can count on- toddlers are the worst to impress, so you know it must be tasty!.

So what about us? the adults? whilst playing cars,trains and running around with our son is fun,we tend to enjoy our milk a little differently..

After we've done the bedtime routine, & A is fast asleep.. we bring out the wine glasses and reach...for delicious and creamy, Cravendale, we know we can enjoy our glasses nice and slow because the way it's passed through the ceramic filters, we'll always end up with purer milk that stays fresher for longer, without additives or preservatives, perfect!.

So as a family we may enjoy ours differently, we're still getting the same great taste & the same source of 17 essential vitamins, that keeps our busy family going!.

Cheers everyone!

This post is our entry for Britmums (together with our video) for the #MilkDrinkersMilk linky challenge, sponsored by Cravendale.

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