Nursery & growing up..

A started nursery for the first time this week, It's left me feeling quite odd, I can't quite place how I feel about it.. I didn't cry, but I sure did feel like it.

I'm happy he's really enjoying it, and goes in without a worry, A goes 3x a week, mornings until after lunch, The manager has said he's a joy & just gets on with it, she's described him as "sensible", I've not quite thought of him that way before..but I suppose if you met him in person, you're likely to agree.

He always has something to say about nursery, what he ate, what he played with, I have really enjoyed hearing all about his days.

The first day left me feeling lost, out of place, like half of my body, my being was simply missing, a dramatic thing to say to some, but I honestly felt that way. When he was home, I found myself clinging to him, like some insecure child, needing a hug from him or to simply hear the words "I love you" from him. The second day was easier, & the third about the same.

The home visit went really well, I'm not sure why I was so nervous about it, she commented on how lovely our home is etc., it's always nice to hear, & was impressed with A's play corner in the living room, saying it looks like a mini nursery.

The manager even suggested upping his hours in January (2016), & I'm inclined to agree, he's needed nursery for a while, & whilst I was struggling with the idea, he has obviously needed it for a while. I'm pleased I waited until he was potty trained though, I'd say we're nearly there with #2's & also him being able to voice what he wants, has generally given me the piece of mind I needed.

I won a pack of Ella's Kitchen Rrrocketing Raspberry & Mango fruity bars not too long ago, & A is loving them! safe to say they're now on our shopping list permanently!. 

They look great too!I haven't had chance to taste one, because A keeps telling me off! haha.

Thinking of doing a "what the postman brought" posts, where I talk about what we got in the post, (this wont include children's clothing, this will be in the children's fashion haul page) 

If this is something you'd be interested in reading leave a comment below! :)