Christmas stocking Fillers with Snapfish!

Personalised Stocking Stuffers

Stocking fillers,I always find it hard to get things to put inside them..Luckily I have Snapfish on my side to help make stuffing the stockings this Christmas a lot easier!

Read on to find out what I've stuffed our stockings with!

x1. 18" x 12" Collage Poster 
x2 Coaster set 
x1 Magic collage mug 11oz
x1 Acrylic Keyring

Collage Poster.

I got this Collage poster for my parents, they don't frame & hang new photos,
 So I thought I'd create for them a collage of best bits of 2015 into one, I'll put the poster back into it's shipping tube, and wrap it up, making it look like a big Christmas cracker, then wrap up a frame for it separately, As a child my parents wrapped up some wonderful big parcels, so I figured this year I'd do it for them.

I love the quality, It has a gloss finish, & I'm very happy how the photo's turned out on the collage!, despite the photographs being from two different type cameras (a phone camera & a digital camera) I'm happy to say they all look excellent.

18"x12" collage poster £6.99

Coaster Set.

I brought this set of 6 Coasters for my friend, like myself, we don't print and hang a lot of photo's in our home, lack of time mostly, So I thought of the idea of a set of coasters, that way, she always has some gorgeous pictures of her daughter, & some of her daughter & A playing together throughout 2015, having fun like they always do!

And lets face it, they're super functional, great quality and are one of those gifts that last & last & last.

Coaster Set  x6  £19.98

Magic collage mug.

Looks like an ordinary mug, but as you've already guess from the title above, there's something different about it..

Pouring hot water into the mug changes it's appearance!

voilĂ ! 

I chose this mug for Dean (the hubby) now he shares an office, I thought I'd would be a great idea for him to have something personalised, so whenever he's working super hard, he can look at all the memories on his coffee mug.

The photo's came out great, I did worry when ordering it would come out blurry & all round bad quality, but as you can see, It's great quality, no blurry photos or finish to it.

 By using your own great photography can turn something into a wonderful gift!, I just know Dean will love the Mug!.

I'm going to our local sweet shop & fill the mug with all his favourite sweets & hide in his bag after Christmas for a "forgotten"  surprise gift :)

magic collage mug 11 oz £9.99

 Acrylic Keyring

I chose the keyring for a special little gift for my mum, time seems to fly when they get to spend time with A, so I chose this photo back in this year when we all went out for the day & had a great time.

I love how it's finished, the photo looks great inside & attached to a few keys, I know whenever my mum is off to work, she can look and smile everyday. 

I'm going to pop the keyring in a gold coloured little drawstring bag, then wrap up and hide in their Christmas tree as a surprise.

Acrylic Keyring £2.99

Coaster set.

This coaster set is for my in laws, they use coasters all the time in their home, so I decided they needed some more, and they have to be personalised!.

What better way to have something personalised than to have your grandchildren on them?

My in laws now have 4 grandchildren!, the newest addition just over a month old!, the great thing about designing these coasters is, when the newest grandchild gets older, I can gift them with even more memories!.

They feel great, smooth, shiny & the images have all come out great, no stretching or blurry parts.
testing them out went well too, the coaster top didn't get damaged,with the heat of a hot mug, & there was no photo quality change either.

I'm going to wrap these up in pretty festive ribbon, and get my niece, nephew & A to present them to their grandparents. 

Coaster Set  x6 £19.98

We highly recommend Snapfish for your Stocking suffers, excellent quality,great prices, fast shipping
and best of all, happy faces all round! 

Zombiiemummy was sent a code for £40 in exchange for an honest review, all thoughts are our own, all photography used is our own, however those that aren't have been used with full permission from it's original sources for the use of Zombiiemummy & none contained on our blog should be taken or copied.