A's 3rd Birthday!

Before I knew it, A's 3rd birthday was upon us, It's strange how time can dull some of the memories from that day, I still remember that day, but odd parts here and there, it's the days after that I remember clearer.

We didn't want to buy loads for his birthday, because of being so close to Christmas too, and I just feel that he will appreciate what he'll get & already has.

We chose a fairly local venue for his party, a crafty type party, I really liked the idea, and in winter there's only so much you can do birthday celebration wise..

for party bag/box gifts I chose 2 small businesses

I had a chat with an extremely lovely lady, together we were able to create (all her really!) something really great for each of A's friends & family. each have 4 crayon rocks & an awesome stencil, different for each guest! please do check out Crayon Rocks 

 & the other Cocoa Delicious (search via Facebook) a lovely Lady who creates some delicious chocolate treats, please do check her page out, order some treats for Christmas!, you won't regret it!.