The Pink Bag..

The other day A was watching an animated series of an old cartoon I'm sure I watched as a kid.. 
In one of the episodes, the little boy was preparing for a camping trip, with a scout group,
innocent enough I hear you say, well yes I agree, with that particular part.

But then, he complains about the case he has to use, It's pink, not bright pink, like pictured above..but it's recognisably pink, he complains he's going to be teased and that he, a boy cannot possibly have a pink bag.

This stunned me a little, & I had to stop the program, so I could talk to A about it.
I didn't & don't want him to think of any colour as a girls or boys colour, colours are colours, they are not for a boy nor a girl.

I explained as carefully & in a way he could understand that, pink is not a girls colour & that he can choose or wear pink whenever he liked, that the boy was silly to say he couldn't have a pink bag.

On the other hand of things, I understand that not all boys will like pink, & that is fine, but for an impressionable program, I feel this portrayal of a "typical" boy was wrong.

I do not let A watch very much TV as it is, so when he does watch it, it's strictly a treat, so naturally when he watches something he soaks every bit of it in, and I felt I had to explain to A, let him know, He can be and like whatever toys,colours that he wants. that his happiness Is above all my priority, and that gender roles to me, are a damaging thing for my son.