Review// Valley Mill Wax Melts

Autumn is by far my favourite season, & nothing brings you that feeling more than surrounding yourself with Candles or wonderful Wax melts.

Valley Mill.

High quality Home & Giftware handmade in Wales.

I love the packaging & the design.

Opening the wax melts are easy they just slide out the side, no ripping or tearing, so not only is it functional it looks great anywhere!.

Each melt, pops out easily & sits lovely on your burner.

The size of each is a good size. 
each box contains 5 Wax melts, with a total weight of 75G & total 60 hours of fragrance, the fragrance lasted, unlike many other wax melts I've used & certainly do not have a total of 60 hours of fragrance that's for sure!.

The Valley Mill, logo on the wax melts is a really lovely touch.

Time to light the candle & burn the wax melt!.

It melted wonderfully in the burner & let off a wonderful fragrance, we chose "Mixed Berries" in keeping with our Autumnal feeling. 

The fragrance was gentle but also not overpowering, in the box & whilst melting.

I love everything from the packaging, the design, to the fragrance.

Watch this awesome video all about how Valley Mill make their gorgeous Soy Candles, the only difference for the Wax melts is that they're poured into mould's & not glass tumblers.

With Christmas coming soon (yes I know I'm sorry!) Valley Mill is the ideal place to go for excellent quality gifts!. 

I know our family & friends will all be receiving a gorgeous item or two from Valley Mill.

To check out Valley Mill for yourself head on down to;

Zombiiemummy was sent Valley Mill Mixed Berries Wax Melts in exchange for an honest review, all thoughts are our own, all photography used is our own, however those that aren't have been used with full permission from it's original sources for the use of Zombiiemummy & none should be taken or copied.