Review// Aliens Love Dinopants

I love the books by Claire Freedman & Ben cort, there is something about each story, the perfect illustration style & the joy each book brings to child & adult alike.

Aliens Love Dinopants

The creators of the internationally best selling Aliens Love Underpants bring us this hilarious new instalment in the underpants series.

When the aliens crash-land in the jungle, they have no idea that they are about to stumble on the biggest stash of pants ever. Their glee knows no bounds! That is, until the prehistoric owners of the out-sized stash turn up...

Aliens Love Dinopants is the eighth collaboration from best-selling and award winning due Claire Freedman and Ben Cort.
With the pant-loving antics of Aliens, Pirates and even Santa Claus having already been exposed in this hilarious series of picture books - now it's time for aliens and dinosaurs to come together into one interstellar, pantstastic adventure!.

I remember buying Aliens love Underpants, I purchased it way back when I was in college,because I loved the story and the illustrations, & I used it for a project I was doing, so these books all have specific memories for me. 

Dean & A sat down together and started to read..

A sat really well listening to the story, having a quiet sort of day, A asked us lots more questions and told us a lot more, than on a usual day, pointing out the Aliens underpants and the "rocket"- (the spaceship, A insisted it was a type of rocket!- who can argue with an imaginative toddler eh?) 

A, Dean & I, loved how bold the pictures were, A loved asking us what they were doing & told us every colour on the pages!.

A & Dean's laughter floated around the room from page to page, with Dean explaining words such as; trekked & plight from time to time, It made interesting watching an adult de-construct meanings of words so a 2 year old could understand, Dean manages it so well.

We love it's in a hardback, it stands bold & proud in A's bookcase & we know it'll be a much loved story-time favourite.

The story was not super long,it was perfect length to enjoy & is just one of those books you grab to read again & again.

watch the Aliens Love Dinopants trailer! 

Cant wait to grab your little ones a copy?

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