Recipe// Sausage pasta with homemade garlic bread.

I'm always thinking of ways to encourage A to eat wide varieties of foods, I like to think Dean & I are doing well, however sometimes you just need to fall back on a firm favourite..

Sausage Pasta With Homemade Garlic Bread.

Often in my home cooking, I like to keep things fairly simple, I don't have time of over complicate things, but I want meals that are suitable for us adults & children alike, I believe if you give into children's fussy ways your creating a rod for your own back.

A has proven this theory to me & I'm proud when I tell others he eats quite a variety of fruit,vegetables etc..

The only thing he's really not into much is meats, but we always give him some without fail.

I cut up the sausages before cooking them, I then cut them smaller if I wish before mixing at the end.
I fry them in a tablespoon of Olive oil, I don't add anymore than that.

whilst the sausages are cooking gently I put the water on for the pasta & chop the tomato (which is home-grown in our own garden) & red onion.

Then I set about making the garlic butter for the garlic bread.

I chopped roughly 3 cloves of garlic & added it to my blender, I blend the garlic before adding the butter so I get an even chop.

I then add the butter and blend again.

I add the onion and tomato & mix, as it's only for the 3 of us I don't add a lot of onion or tomato.

I use baguettes that need to be oven baked & I slice into the baguette and add the garlic butter, it's a messy business that's for sure!

I don't add pasta sauce to A's pasta as he's not keen yet, so I add it to Dean & I's instead.

A really enjoyed his sausage pasta with homemade garlic bread & so did we!