Mini Vintage homewear haul!

A's room décor has never truly had a theme, back when we finally owned our home, the keys were ours, paperwork completed and done, I knew I wanted to do A's bedroom first, I painted it probably what most parents to be with a baby boy on the way, blue, however, a pastel light sort of blue, & I knew exactly what I wanted to fill it with, vintage children's art,toys but with a modern twist to it.

I saw these online, & couldn't scroll past them, I instantly fell in love with them, they're from the 70's and the illustrations are just wonderful!

I intend to find frames for them all and sit them on a shelf (I've yet to purchase) with some special ornaments.

I spent £14 for them all (including postage) & honestly I don't regret it, I've not seen anything like them before & I feel like I'm unlikely to again.

I'm always on the lookout for vintage children's items, I'm a bit of a collector of old children's books as well,so whenever I see something with a good price, I pounce!.