Well there goes my bank balance again...


We had a busy bank holiday weekend, & I've always been one of those people who don't quite understand what or why we have bank holidays, but never being one to complain about them.

We ventured to shops in the daytime leaving my mum to sleep off her very long shift at work.

We looked in the Homebase, I cannot quite remember the last time I went into one, as B&Q is slightly closer to our own home back 200 miles away..
I'm glad we did though because inside was an ARGOS & a Habitat! I'd first discovered Habitat, when I first met one of hubby's siblings, & I rather oddly peeked underneath a piece of furniture to desperately find out where it was from..

Even when I was little I loved moving my bedroom around, only the pieces I could move obviously, I also used to draw room plans of rooms in my parents house & decide which pieces best suited where..I was an odd child thinking back now..

I was so excited I said rather loudly "oh my goodness it's beautiful!" whilst walking towards to the sectioned area that was habitat.. confusing several passers by.. 

Dean & I saw an awesome print we want, amongst other things.. It's funny, before A, I had more money than sense.. now I have more sense than money, it's strange how you look on things, A Is in no way a hindrance, but a reminder at all the inane crap I purchased before that just doesn't matter now!.. 

My focus now money wise Is Christmas.. & yes I said that word, I'm sorry.. & A's birthday, & 2 anniversary's for Dean & I. one being our wedding, the other when we first met.

Sorry for the lack of pictures on today's post, but we came home today from visiting my family, so my focus has been A, & laundry & food shopping..