September Favourite Children's wear items I've purchased.

I adore the small businesses in the children's wear & home wear world, but you all already knew that haha.

This post is a little collection..a haul if you will of children's wear items I brought for A.

I brought all in sales.

(Left) Jacket by Frankygrow  (Top middle) Long sleeved tee by Bobo Choses

(Far right) Hat by Indikidual

(Bottom right) Long sleeved tee by Popupshop 

I tend to buy out of season & I do hoard a lot of bigger sizes, now that A has gone down slightly in waist (because of now being in pants) some of his clothes have been given even longer to wear!.

This is one of the items that before I've never managed to buy because it was always sold out!, I finally got my hands on one! & just in time, it'll go great with his winter coat & it's super soft & warm too!.

I'm forever hunting for some great pieces, whether they're in the sale or not, it doesn't matter to me, If A needs it I'll buy it, I'm not much of an impulse buyer as I don't quite have the wallet size needed! but I do sometimes envy some who can buy entire new wardrobes full of clothing for their child(ren) in one go!, perhaps it''ll happen one day eh?.