Review// The Rabbit who wants to fall asleep

When it comes to a nights sleep, your child(ren) & sleep go together about as well as chalk & cheese, with sometimes conflicting advice & sometimes seldom advice at all, what can we do to create a better bedtime routine?

But there may just be a ground breaking, helpful tool in the process of finally getting some sleep, for your child(ren)

The Rabbit who wants to fall asleep

In The Rabbit Who Wants To Fall Asleep you will follow Roger The Rabbit, he gets help from Uncle Yawn and other friends to fall asleep in the evening. Your child is quickly enthralled by the story and falls asleep when you read it or after. The story is in a lovely way sleep-inducing and helps children all over the world to fall asleep. 

A new & safe way to help your child(ren) to fall asleep, recommended by psychologists & therapists, but how does Carl-Johan's book fair with the most important opinion of all? a parent's?.

A snuggled up in bed, his night light on.

A has a set night time routine, since he was in his own bedroom, we've tweaked it slowly along the way, adapting to his needs.

The story & way it's written is a very interesting concept, could the way we use our voices at bedtime, at story time help our child(ren) to fall asleep?

Dean began reading

The story started off very calming, & gentle, about a rabbit called Roger, he enlists along the course of the story help from his friends, 

Like with all stories, they start gentle & get more and more busy, The Rabbit who wants to fall asleep, has a calming, sleepy feeling to the story throughout, it helped A to settle and not fidget through the story! (which he usually does!) it was surprising just how well he sat & listened to Dean's voice telling the story & looking at the charming pictures.

The story gives you prompts (highlighted in bold)  to add your child's name, & emphasises on words such as: Tired, sleep, now.

We were a little concerned given the length of the book, A would lose interest & not cooperate, but we actually found that we could read the book till the end.

we followed the book, reading in a quiet calm voice, yawning too, pretty soon we were all yawning & A had got even more comfortable in bed!.

The story had finished... and the result?

Fast asleep :)

We really liked the book, we loved the concept of it, & the storyline was engaging & interesting for A & for us too, & best of all A fell asleep!.

We really recommend The rabbit who wants to fall asleep!, & we were initially quite sceptical but we're not anymore!, & so happy with the results!. 

However we know nothing is ever a guarantee, but we felt by following the story & the prompts, by adapting our voices, & reading until the end, it enabled A to drop off to sleep so much better than other nights we've had battling with him to sleep.

You can get your hands on a copy here!

Zombiiemummy was sent a copy of The Rabbit who wants to fall asleep in exchange for an honest review,all thoughts are our own, all photography used is our own, however those that aren't have been used with full permission from it's original sources for the use of Zombiiemummy, & should not be taken and copied.