Review// Naturelly Jelly Juice

If us parents are going to give our children juice drinks, they should be good for you, not full of funky goodness knows what!

The market is so empty with these sort of yummy good for you drinks for our children...until now!.

Naturelly Jelly Juice Drinks.

A Juicy Jelly snack made from fruit juice and Gellan Gum.

Naturelly is a Jelly juice drink for ages 2+ 
Each pouch is 100g.

Gelatine free
No added sweeteners
Added vitamins A,C & E.

Free from Gelatine,Gluten,Wheat,Dairy,Nuts & Bee's. 

No artificial preservatives, sweeteners, flavours of colours.

Vegetarian society approved.

A loves Jelly & he loves juice too, so you can imagine my excitement handing him a juice drink that is both!.

The packaging is colourful, inviting, informative & easy to read, perfect for young & old ones alike to read!.

Summer Fruits,Tropical fruits & Apple & Blackcurrant.

We kept them in the fridge, it says on each pouch they're even better chilled!

A chose which one he wanted to try first..

A said the summer fruits was"delicious" (he says "Licious" though..) 

"look Strawberry & raspberry!"

A loved looking & trying to read the writing on the pouches, spotting "S" for Strawberry & "R" for Raspberry.

Dean also asked if he could try, they all looked so delicious..

A politely declined to share with his Dada, haha!

A really enjoyed the Jelly juice drinks at home.. so how did they fair on a journey?.

We headed off on an early morning journey, so as a treat for behaving so well he chose the Tropical fruits pouch.

A told me it was again "Licious" (delicious) and also "yummy", none of the 3 flavours smelt anything but yummy (as I've sometimes noticed some juice drinks do indeed smell odd) all of the flavours had a good mixture of flavours with the fruits, none overpowered the other!.

A did not spill a drop, because he loved it so much, he only stopped when he was finished!
Each pouch is easy to transport, fitting handily in your handbag or toddler bag, or even in a coat pocket! 

But wait.. what about the Jelly part? is it in fact jelly?

lets take a closer look!

Definitely a jelly juice drink!, it wobbled gloriously, tasted great & full of vitamins too!.

Shortly after I took these jelly wobble pictures, A sneakily took the Apple & Blackcurrant & also decided sharing with his Muma wasn't going to happen either.. 

I couldn't get a photo because A was having none of it!, but believe me when I say, A really loves Naturelly, I know whenever he's drinking one, it's fully of vitamins A,C & E, there's no added sweeteners or colours or preservatives. 

And finally I've found a juice drink that wont send him climbing the walls full of sugar!.

Naturelly Is our new favourite!

Zombiiemummy was sent Naturelly Jelly juice drinks in exchange for an honest review, all thoughts are our own, all photography used is our own, however those that aren't have been used with full permission from it's original sources for the use of Zombiiemummy & none should be taken or copied.