Review// Molly Maybe's Monsters

I believe Children should be children, I dislike intensely the gender roles pushed upon our children today, all children can have adventures, boys & girls, & today's book is all about a girl called Molly off on her adventures in Undermunder.

Molly Maybe's Monsters- by Kristina Stephenson

First impressions the book is very eye catching, it's reflective, shiny metallic front cover, with bold text with gorgeous illustrations.

Kristina left her career in theatre & children's TV after having her first child, turning to illustration, creating the best selling Sir Charlie stinky socks books.

Kristina has a teenage son & daughter, her daughter being based on Molly, we love when book characters are based on real people too!.

Inside the book is some awesome looking illustrations & a wonderful story to really visualise the adventure unfolding.

A chose Dean again to sit and read with, they snuggled under a very cosy blanket.

The boys loved the story, all about a world of monsters! A loves monsters and things of that nature so we knew this book would be a big hit!.

We loved how each page was more & more exciting as you read on and on, the illustrations and the way the story was written kept A's attention the entire way through (A is still only 2.5 so we felt this was a great achievement!)  

The story wasn't short nor too long & I feel it would be enjoyed by school children & nursery aged children alike!

We also loved how Molly wasn't portrayed as a girly girl, proving our point of girls can love monsters too!, A loved the tree house, & especially how Molly & Waggy Burns could go underground!.

A asked lots of questions along the way, & he enjoyed our responses too, asking us where Molly & Waggy burns were going, asking us about the Dappity-Doofer & laughing at the Mydol Idol.

We found Molly Maybe's Monsters a great story, full of adventure,colourful illustrations, it was a great way of getting A to ask us questions, get involved with the story & enjoy story time together.

It's fast becoming A's bedtime favourite, & ours too!.

Zombiiemummy was sent Molly Maybe's Monsters book in exchange for an honest review, all thoughts are our own, all photography used is our own unless stated otherwise.