Review// The Dinosaur that pooped the bed! & a planet sound book!

I love books.. and it's definitely something I've passed onto A, I love his curiosity, & the laughter & joy the words & illustrations bring to us as a family..

This week we got to read the brand new book in the "The Dinosaur that pooped" series by Tom Fletcher & Dougie Poynter, & also an awesome sound book! (we especially love sound books!)

We love the Dinosaur that pooped series & have previously written about them in a previous post here!.

We love the Illustrations, the book looks very inviting,fun & a great read!.
this book was particularly funny to us because of A being so new in a big boy bed.

The illustrations go very well to the story, it really helps visualise the story, & definitely helps for mini bookworms too!

The story flows well & it kept the attention of A, (who's still only 2.5 yo) 
right through to the end!.

We let A choose which one of us he'd like to sit with.. I think you can all guess who he picked!

Yup... Daddy is the firm favourite at the moment, but that's ok..because I'm better with the camera! hehe.

They both snuggled up together & we all listened to the story.

A really loved joining in & He loved the Dinosaurs antics!.

We all chuckled with laughter, there's just something about poop that just made us giggle!

A did not want me to see the book, so he took it from Dean & I managed to get a snap of it as you see it here, it was a funny little moment too, knowing that he was enjoying the story so much that I was the one who was disturbing him!. haha!

From the story to the illustrations, the entire book had us eagerly turning the pages for more!.

Sound books have to be one of my all time favourite children's type books, I have fond memories of my own parents buying me one as a present & I loved it so much!.

A loved the idea of interacting with the story & making sounds to go with the story!.

again the illustrations to the storyline go very well together & we're a real fan of Garry Parsons illustrations for the dinosaur pooped books!.

We all really enjoyed talking to A about what he could see & A pointing out even the little things like lights on in houses,sausages (his favourite!) & stars.

A liked to pretend he was in space with Danny & the Dinosaur,
using his arm to rocket himself there!.

There were giggly parts, for A & for us!, this picture perfectly captures Deans, A's & myself (hidden) natural reactions. 

The storyline,illustrations & the sound effects went terrifically together, & proved a deadly giggly combination!.

Our favourite sound was the poor cat coming out of the dinosaurs bottom! 

We love the pooping Dinosaur books, which one(s) are your favourite(s)?.

Check out @PoopingDinosaur  & go to to find out more about the pooping Dino!.

Zombiiemummy was sent The Dinosaur That Pooped books in exchange for an honest review,all thoughts are our own, all photography used is our own unless stated otherwise. :)