Not Monochrome enough!

I haven't done a real heartfelt, semi rambling post for a while, it's what my blog was started on really, & as iv'e been so so busy I couldn't do posts like these.

Today's topic is about Monochrome, and the growing trend amongst new and established families & small businesses, and what my post is focussing on is the small business side.

I'm not a brightly coloured sort of fan, I despise neon colours in particular and prefer my usual favourite colours of mustard yellow,black,grey,white & greens, but I don't exclusively prevent A's wardrobe, simply because of this fact, I have some wonderful pieces I've purchased for him in all the colours of the rainbow, if they suit him & he likes them, he wears them.

As I've gotten more into blogging & Instagram, I've from time to time come across Brand rep searches, (you become a Brand representative for a small business, promoting their shop & clothing)

I, not long ago really put my all into applying for one, thinking, why not? I have bags of enthusiasm & so does A, I'm pretty good with a camera, & Dean has qualifications in photography also, I write great  (if I do say so myself) & I know exactly what the brand in question wants.

I didn't get the opportunity, why? this is why..

My instagram feed. full of colour, not a perfect curated account full of stunningly amazing monochrome shots, just a real family account, with dashes of colour thrown in amongst the smiling faces of A, Dean & I.

I find it utter bullshit that I, who produces content for a blog, I simply do for a hobby, am tossed aside simply because of this fact. it's frustrating & an insult quite frankly. a month or so on & I'm still annoyed by this fact. It's left me not wanting to try to become a brand rep at all.

I'm not slating Monochrome lovers, on the contrary, I do love monochrome & A has many lovely clothing pieces & a few toys too,but hindering opportunities to those, who are just as deserving is in my opinion- very unfair.

This is not either a rant because I wanted "free stuff" this is not why I blog, it's not why I work from 8pm-11pm each night, so I can product great content and give my son the attention he deserves.

I wanted a Brand rep opportunity to show how great small businesses really are, how much more versatile they are & better quality they are & also how hard working we are as a family & bloggers too at creating and sharing relevant topics, and also the hard work & dedication the brands themselves bring, I love the individual stories of how they came to be & what they've achieved.

I shouldn't have to create this fake monochrome family life on my instagram or blog, because it fits a specific criteria, life isn't grey,black & white. it's full of colours, different shades of every colour in the rainbow and more!.

If we ever get a brand rep opportunity is up to brands themselves, for now I'm left stunned, stunned because a non blogger/vlogger was chosen instead of not only myself but other bloggers also. I cant help but realise in my head..

It's just simply a popularity contest just like high school.