Green Tomato Chutney..

So I brought this sorry looking twig of a tomato plant just before "summer" and I kept it on my kitchen windowsill.. I looked after it, & even indulged in a little chatter with the plant (& no it didn't answer back!).

It quickly outgrew it's pot, & I hadn't anything bigger so I decided to put it in the garden, "It'll either thrive or die off" I thought to myself, so I planted it, took care of it, & It grew absolutely huge! so big in fact I had to support it with over 5 canes with ties too.

Summer really felt over before we knew it & none of my tomato's (now over 30 at this point) were showing any signs of ripening, I collected some & decided I would try to ripen them myself, 2 weeks later I had failed..

I didn't want to give up, after-all I'd cared for this tomato triphid like plant, & I sure as hell wasn't going to let it all rot, so I thought I'd turn it into something we could eat instead.

You cannot eat green tomatoes.. no idea why just told you can't & after last years Norovirus, I was not going to tempt any sort of re-occurrence.

But you can eat them if you've made something like a chutney with them! so I decided to make a very small batch!.

I chopped small the green tomato's, onions & added raisins,mustard,ketchup,Mirin, salt & muscovado sugar  & cooked..

I left it to simmer for an hour, occasionally stirring.

I washed the jars & put them in the oven for 20 mins on low (ish) 

I filled the jars & put cling film on top.

I left them to completely cool.

the lids went on & labels on (have to find nicer labels!!) 

they'll mature for a month in a dark cupboard & will be ready to enjoy! yum! 

It's my first time making Chutney, so the great thing about it is learning along the way!

& it's a great reduce, reuse, recycle sort of ethic too.

I still have absolutely loads of green tomatoes, so I think once I have some more jars I'll make some more, I may make some spicy ones for Dean too.