Fun Times..

We took advantage of Deans day off & for once a break in the otherwise rubbish weather & went to a park we'd usually always drive past

We're glad we went!

None of us look too lovely, the sun was in our eyes & a gentle breeze in the air, but we had plenty of laughs & smiles.

I couldn't help but notice other parents stare at us, there automatic reaction is at me & A, & then Dean & A, people have asked me in the past if A is Deans child, & my mouth hangs open at their utter brashness! 1. what a rude thing to say  & 2. what difference does it make?!

Yes, A is Deans son, & yes I'm his mother, I'm slowly getting more and more used to people being like this & knowing the signs they're thinking it, & to me, I'm simply out to have fun with my little family.

People can think what they like, A is our child, but that doesn't mean he has to look exactly like us!

Dean rekindled his love for photography again, It's tough for us both in the beginning, you put aside a lot of things for your newborn, & it's taken us until now to realise we can now chill out a little more.

A's communication skills are so so good (and I'm not just saying that!)  we get comments all the time how well spoken & mannered he is for a 2 year old, "he's built for rugby" we keep joking!.

Sometimes I feel guilty that so far he's an only child, I worry he gets lonely, especially when he wants to have sleepovers with his cousins or best friend.

Who knows what the future may hold.