Rainy summer

So It now feels more like the start of autumn/winter than summer, with all the rain,wind & general chill in the air, it's hard to believe it's still August..

I've not been the most "go outside in all weathers" type of parent lately, I've failed a little bit in my duty in that respect.. but we've been making the most of our days by seeing friends, arranging play dates and generally playing games together.

Here's A with his Best friend E, I do hope they grow up together & don't drift apart like myself & my childhood friend did, we were also a girl & boy duo, friends since babies like E & A have been. they go together so so well.

I love books, I don't always have the time to read & when I do, I'm not always quite in the mood. but I've had this book for 4 years now, it was sent to me by a friend & I absolutely adore it, it's one of the most precious non A related items I own today, I've read it so many times, & I still enjoy reading it now, I hope to one day go to Japan & put into practice so many of the step by steps I've read & re-read!.

Do you have a favourite item you own that brings you happy memories?