Parent shaming or simply a bold statement?

In the mornings I have the same routine, although one day I will miss every part of it.. I help Al in the bathroom and then wake myself up by sitting in my bed, quickly checking my social media' personal Facebook, then Instagram & twitter then emails.

I saw this picture, it was shared by someone on my private fb, it was intriguing enough for me to click to see it in more detail.

Source unknown/discovered via Fb.

Parent shaming or simply a bold statement?...

Usually when someone posts such things like this, I jump on my high horse & rant my for and against views.. but I'm still left with so many questions left unanswered & I agree...but to a certain extent!.

I'm one of those strange people that cannot drink plain water, never have been able to, even when I was weaned as a baby, and I've throughout my child years,teenage years & now adulthood I still don't, instead I drink flavoured water.

When we were starting A's weaning journey I knew I wanted to try to get him to drink water, luckily he's not like silly old me & enjoys water.

The picture Is depicting a Capri sun type drink, a coca cola fizzy drink & some sort of sunny D drink.

A has had a Capri sun, he also enjoys Robinson fruit shoot, but to make this clear he has one strictly when eating out, of course we carry a beaker of water everywhere..  and honestly? the amount of water & toddler stuff I take with me I may as well be a horse with saddle bags strapped to me!.

A has never had fizzy drinks or anything that just looks like chemicals in a carton/bottle.

But the thing that's frustrating me the most is this:

Where's the pictures of energy drinks?!

If this picture is a blatant slagging off type statement to all parents/guardians "stop giving your kids crap" then why not the red bull? the monster energy drinks?.

I cannot speak for all parents on the planet, but I can say myself & other parents I do know, aren't at all how this picture portrays them.

But I'm not surprised with images like this, it gets worse! much worse!.

As for myself I'm not entirely convinced it's encouraging you to make better choices or a defamatory statement.. I'm as they say "on the fence".

What I do know is this:

I don't take advice from childless people, those who have no idea what being a parent is like, nor do I take advice from people with children.

Common sense unfortunately isn't a learned thing, you either have it, or you don't, 
and most people know not to shove fizzy drinks,energy drinks & copious amounts of fruit juices down their children's throats.

Just like the groups "against Tattooed parents" You have to laugh, because If you don't try to find the funny side of things then these idiotic, uneducated fools win, tattooed parents don't make bad parents,bad people make bad parents. sometimes people only see what is convenient for them, I can't help their stupidity anymore than you can.

Stay awesome Mama's & dads.