Monday Blues..

The weekend was pretty eventful for us, I love weekends, I used to love them so much more pre parenthood, but that's another story.

Monday's always seem to bring some sort of blues, & today wasn't any different..

It was rainy again & in between the lull of the rain I'd shove us both out in the garden, until the rain returned again..

I try to make inside play as fun as I can, & whilst our garden still isn't near halfway done it's not always possible to get a decent playtime out of it..

A did some colouring, he's always drawing rainbows lately, I often wonder what they mean... I keep every one of his drawings,paintings,scrawls, even dating them, putting his age & any other detail to help with any future nostalgia..

For dinner I made honey glazed pork chops & for A I did chicken, A really isn't a fan of meat and doesn't really like chicken, I give him the option everyday in case one day he'll want to again.

A's new bedtime routine is going well, a week in and I feel we're getting there, It hasn't changed a lot, but little changes can always be a little unsettling to little ones..

In the bath tonight A tried to write his name! It really looks like an "A" feels so long ago that I was pregnant, It almost feels like I'm forgetting what it was like..

Tomorrow I have a friend over, & our kids can play together I feel so fortunate to have friends here when I don't have much family around me, being so far away from them here. 

Friends are such a blessing.