Spending time as a family is important, it secures the strong bond we all have,
we love going to national trust places because it gives us a place to visit, learn and run around without the constant concern for roads & other such distractions.

I love watching the boys, I've always been a people watcher, never the type of person to want or be the center of attention (with the exception of my wedding day of course!)

I sometimes forget that we both were once terrified newbie parents, both with just enough idea between us, the rest we learnt along the way or from our families, now we look as if we're pros...but there's no such thing as a pro parent(s) 

The surroundings are beautiful & they're always well looked after.. it's sometimes tricky to just sit and take in all the splendour, but when you think of how short life is, there's plenty of time to sit and think.

Lunchtime was a little tricky, it was packed & wasps were about so we had to retreat inside, but it was nice & we drank some local fruit juice, we love locally made & produced goods!.

We were lucky to have a sunny day, not too warm & will a gentle breeze, A loved the swings & we loved the surroundings.

Family time is our little slice of heaven.