Goodbye Cot..

Since we started A's potty training I've been meaning to get him a bed,but due to feeling constrained to just local area's or anywhere near a toilet, I've felt the venture to buy him a bed was too stressful..

Tomorrow we'll be buying him his first proper bed or "big boy bed" as we've called it, our plan is to have a potty in his room for bedtimes so he can have a wee if he needs to without us coming in over 3 times to take him.

Since A's now in a position where he's pretty much nearly mastered potty training we felt the urgency for him to be in a bed- that and he's so bloody heavy lifting him in & out of his cot is killing us!.

A never did the whole "climbing out of the cot" thing, that all those awful "this is the check-list for knowing your child is ready" lists.. my advice is to ignore what others say & go with what's right for your child..

Anyway... tomorrow is the day, I feel a whole host of emotions actually..

1) sadness... because he'll never again sleep in his cot, because he's reached a new chapter in his life that I sometimes feel overwhelmed about, to the point I choke a little at the thought of him no longer running towards me shouting "Muma!!!!" and flinging his arms around me.. but then I realise I'm slightly overreacting.. he'll only be 3 this year..he's not turning 13 for crying out loud. so I still have plenty of time to pretend he's my little baby for a while longer..

2) Nervousness.. because I'm worried he'll not sleep, he'll play around & wont use a potty (he currently wont at all!) today I talked to my friend for reassurance,  & it did help.. he's had a pretty solid bedtime for a long time, so the only thing that will change will be his bed. Tomorrow bedtime will tell all I guess..

Mostly anxiety, because ever since I can remember bedtimes have brought on immense anxiety & changes makes it so much worse, It makes me feel like a bad mother when I admit that to you. but it's just another reminder to us all as parents & as future parents that, Mary Poppin's type parent only exists just in film & books.

Stay awesome Mama's & Dad's! :)