Current favourites//Children's Books

Since A was born we've had a few books here and there, but only brought & received books when A turned 1.

Now at nearly 3 years old A has quite the collection of books, we mostly read at bedtime, where we can snuggle up and read x2 books each night.

Below are a small gathering of our favourites, I hope they inspire you to check them out for yourselves!.

First is the lovely story "The Tiger who came to tea" by Judith Kerr, a classic book, which I recall being read this myself.

the storyline isn't as long as it seems, & A sits and listens well to it.

Next is "Dear Zoo" by Rod Campbell.

A lift the flap book, which are always enjoyed by children, another classic story which is a must have for an child's book collection..

This is a book called "Our Planet" by Jimi Lee..

A book containing no words.. just gorgeously illustrated and striking too.
The story shows you trees being cut down, relentless pollution, and the chance for animals to start again..but I wont spoil the story, you'll just have to find out for yourselves.

"Now I am Big!" by Stephen Krensky & Illustrated by Sara Gillingham.

Visually striking and a wonderful little storyline to boot, it focusses on what a toddler can do now he/she is no longer a baby.
A adores this book & can tell us the end of each sentence by heart.

"I know A Lot!" by Stephen Krensky & Illustrated by Sara Gillingham.

A second book in the Krensky stories, again with just as much bold colours & shapes as the last & the story of a little girl (or could be boy!) who now knows more about her surroundings eg: rocks are heavy.. 
A also knows by heart the endings to each sentence and again one of our firm favourites!.

"I can do it myself!" by Stephen Krensky & Illustrated by Sara Gillingham.

the third book to the Krensky books, this time it's all about a child who is a little more independent, eg: I blow my own nose!.
And yes again A knows the endings to the sentences.
A loves these trio of books because he can relate to each child, often telling us "he's not a baby he's A!".

"Where Bear?" by Sophy Henn 

A gorgeously Illustrated and storyline all about a boy and a bear, who's grown perhaps a little big for the boy's house.
This book is lovely but a little long for A at the moment, we mostly currently skip parts of the story and just talk about the pictures for now, asking about emotions etc..

What are your favourite books to read with your child(ren)? 

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