Why I blog

With so many parent Bloggers out in the world now, I thought it would be helpful or interesting in knowing why I started Blogging.

I started Blogging last year, around September 2014, just because I wanted a place I could go and vent my feelings.

Before then I had moved 200 miles away from everything I ever knew, I left a job I loved, because how could I go back and work there everyday with a 200 mile commute?...I was in my 3rd trimester in my pregnancy with A, and we'd brought a house & had the summer holidays to decorate it and that was it.

I was a first time mum, without anyone familiar nearby, and had only just made a few friends by pure chance!.

I've always loved writing, back as a kid, id write stories, nothing Jacqueline Wilson like or spectacular like J K Rowling. but I liked them, I thought to myself, why not? why not have a blog? I didn't want to do the whole Youtube videos, so I started Zombiiemummy, even if nobody read what I wrote It didn't matter because I was having fun.

The idea surrounding my blog was to never & still is, be a job or any form of a job, It was for pure fun, writing pieces I thought would be helpful to other parents new or not so new to the parent scene.

I'm not in it for money or things, I do it because I believe there's not enough honesty & If I do write pieces for someone It's because I would use or do use them too!, not because they've waved something shiny or pretty in my face.

I hope that reflects in my writing & that those of you reading this now appreciate that & still enjoy reading as well.

If Blogging ever gets to be a chore to me I'll stop & close the Blog, because there's nothing worse than reading something the writer couldn't be bothered to do in the first place, If it gets to the point of no return, why continue? I don't want to give Blogging anything less than my 100%.

Us all today, we brought a mini lunch feast and went to a new park and had a lovely day just us 3.