Yesterday I decided to use up the Sunday roast leftovers to put into a home-made pie, I do like creating dinners from scratch & Sunday roast leftovers provide a perfect opportunity for one.

I tend to make the pastry myself, I've made it so much, I just throw it all into a bowl and produce pastry, I don't measure a thing, and somehow much to the amazement of all who taste it, they tell me it's great. (well at least I can get that right eh?)

A is at the age where he wants to help, and as many of us find out their "help" is more of a hindrance than help, but I thought to myself, why not?

A really enjoyed helping, especially the rolling the pastry part! my poor dining chair got covered! (good thing it's an Ikea chair!)

But still our pie looked plain and boring & typically I had a teeny bit left, and not near enough to freeze to save for next time, so I got the cutters out and let A & Dean do those together whilst I mixed the filling!

We all enjoyed a slice & we managed to get A to eat a piece of pastry, A isn't a fan of meats/poultry & fish, unless it's in sausage form!

Tomorrow I plan to make from scratch our own pizzas! I hope it's something A will equally enjoy eating as making, something else that creates laughter in our little family.

What do you like doing together in your family? :)