Review//Fun Kids Radio!

We love listening to the radio in our house, in our car & on our phones, A has always loved music, so it's something us as a family can share.

We didn't know there was a radio station just for children & their families until recently!.

Fun Kids is a great radio station dedicated to children and parents! From Bin Weevils to The Beano, Fun Kids is packed with kids’ favourite starts along with all the best tunes from One Direction, Taylor Swift and Little Mix.

We listened in on a Friday from 11am to 12.30pm, to Dan the radio presenter, Dan was friendly & had lots of information about how else you can listen in.

You can listen in via computer,digital Radio,mobile & by downloading the pod-casts via itunes!

A, Dean & I listened to music such as: Randy Newman (think toy story & monster. inc films), One direction,Charlie Brown,5 seconds of summer,Selena Gomez,Miley Cyrus & Nick Jonas.

Not only does Fun kids share music  but also 'Amusing news' which is not only amusing to children but adults too.

Dan, was upbeat,funny & spoke the children's language & not adult, it really felt like it was all for the children, we listened & enjoyed a song all about brushing your teeth, which was catchy and full of important messages about keeping your teeth clean!.

We listened in on a rather wet day weather wise..but Fun kids radio is ideal for all weathers, especially fun in the garden,the beach & the park! & also car journeys!, we're so glad our future car journeys will be full of fun,laughter & child friendly music.

Jonathan Coulton's song "Mr fancy pants" was rather entertaining for A & us, and we loved watching A dancing along to all the music!.

We are now such fans of Fun Kids Radio! & will be listening in everyday, it's fun for all the family no matter where you are! especially when you can listen in using your phone!.

Zombiiemummy was asked to review Fun kids radio, all reviews are our honest opinions & thoughts are our own. :)