Review// Zoflora-Pink Grapefruit

It occurred to me since we came back from staying with family, I hadn't washed my floors since before we left.. feeling rather ashamed I thought I'd had better sort it out, I'm using Zoflora's new & Limited edition fragrance "Pink Grapefruit"

That's the thing with being busy, some things just get the time I had a meter long cobweb on the living room ceiling..

I use Zoflora with my steam mop, I sprinkle it onto my flooring and use my steam mop as normal & It really makes the difference!

The new fragrance is a big hit in our house & I can use it in my bathroom & kitchen too, that's what I love about Zoflora is it's not just a one use bottle, I can use it to help clean my fridge or around the sinks to keep them smelling fresh!.

It's got wonderful hints of orange flower,mango & pomegranate & was thought up by a loyal customer Maria, when Zoflora enlisted it's fans to think up of a new fragrance for Zoflora!. We love it!

Use disinfectants safely,Always read the instructions before use.

And the result? great fragrance, a lovely sheen, & with multiple uses Zoflora is always a staple in our cleaning cupboard!.

Zombiiemummy was sent Zoflora in exchange for an honest review, all thoughts are our own, all photography used is our own unless stated otherwise.