Review// Vanilla Underground.

In our house If I could describe Dean & I in one word it would be nerd, we love our TV series, our comic books, video games, our movies & especially music.

The trouble is there isn't just one place we can go to to find that all in one place, & more often than not the quality isn't up to scratch.

until today!

Vanilla Underground.

An online shopping experience dedicated to fans of music,TV,art, gaming & comic books 
a place where you can buy official high quality t-shirts,vests, Hoodies, kids clothing & much more!

I'm wearing the very awesome Official Wonder Woman Santa claus t-shirt.

We love how easy it is to navigate around the store,everything categorised, keeping browsing through your favourites easy & exciting.

The one stop shop for all your official merchandise you need, hassle free ordering, simple checkout options & such variety meaning you'll find something for everyone at Vanilla Underground.

Delivery for worldwide is free & with options like same day dispatch you know your order is being taken care of the right way!.

My Wonder Woman t-shirt feels great quality, not rough on the outside or flimsy when worn, the detail of the design is gorgeous and I know that when worn over & over it'll stay great quality.

Be you a Game of Thrones fan, Muse fan or your children are fans of Five nights at Freddy's there's something for the whole family,your friends and even the new baby! 

Go to today and pick your favourites!

Zombiiemummy was sent Wonder woman t-shirt in exchange for an honest review, all thoughts are our own :)