Potty Training day 3+

Continuing our updates from day 3 and beyond...

A's journey to nappy free is doing very very well!, considering he's only 2.5 he's surprisingly coherent & excited.. (with the occasional lack of excitement).

As the days have progressed mini accidents have lessened more and more, with #2's still being a little issue from time to time..

What helped for a few days was being away at my parents house, It was exciting for A to show Nana & Grandad his new pants, & for Grandad to take him to the toilet as well.

Last night he was completely dry with his training pants on (like pull-ups) & are currently making plans to change from his cot to a toddler bed!.

Night times are a little difficult currently because he's in a cot & he wants to visit the bathroom multiple times, but we plan to once his toddler bed is in his room, to have a toilet looking potty in his room, so he can use this and get back into his bed afterwards.

Helpful things are pretty much the same really, praise & delirious amounts of smiling and cheers, occasional bribery & for #2's the ipad with his choice of program, on the understanding he tries to poop.

A is getting quite a collection of pants now, he's using public toilets more too, but will refuse if he doesn't like the look of them, which I personally don't blame him! I also take around with me a travel potty which converts to a toilet seat for a toilet as well, it's proven it's worth already!.

We're now back at home, & he's done his first proper #2 in the toilet which we're all so so pleased about! #2 accidents are still the same but we're really getting there, we're very lucky he's wanting independence from us changing him too!.

I will miss changing him a little though, I wont miss the fighting with him to get him clean or cooperate but I will miss that particular chapter in A's life coming to a close..