Potty Training day 2 & 3.

Day 2:.

I was quite anxious about day 2, the overwhelming feeling that, I've never actually potty trained a child of my own before & a boy at that, worried me I'd fail before I even began..

A had a total of 4 accidents, x2 very slight #1's and 2 #2's, I figured because I'd focussed so much of my time on #1.

A began to see going to the toilet as less of a chore like it was on day 1.

my anxiety was in vain actually, he did so well, I rarely had to bribe him at all.

Just lots of praise and the occasional treat when he started to refuse (when I knew he needed to try)

Day 3.

A great start to the day, with 2 accidents all day! x1 #1 & x1 #2! 

the #1 being very slight again & the #2 being we was still perhaps a little anxious about using the toilet to sit down.

I cant help but at times struggle with explaining to A how his muma cannot stand (oh how I wish I could!) to pee, but how he can also sit and pee too.

Again needed very little bribery & had just as much praise and encouragement as he's done since May.

A massive Triumph today he sat and did #2 on the toilet without any pestering of any kind! so so amazed at how well he's doing with this new stage, I think he's realising that "changing times" no longer exist like they did before, that he's now a little more in charge of himself & something he's always shown us he's wanted since he was born! 

Excited for the future of no nappies!