Potty Training// Day 1.

I feel like the true side of Potty training isn't shown enough, all I've read is "common signs" well a lot of those "common signs" A didn't have & I want to blog about our journey into potty training without any sugar coating..

Technically it's not day 1.. let me explain.

Since 29th May 2015, A showed an interest in using the toilet, we were thrilled and let him use the toilet whenever he asked to, mostly it was every evening before bedtime.
but it got more and more frequent, and something that turned out to be a little accident ( namely me forgetting to bring spare pull-ups out to a family meal) meant poor A had to wait 5-10 minutes, whilst we hurriedly walked back to a family members home to put him in a pull-up.. telling him on the way to try not to do a wee wee because he had no nappy on, If he needed to, to ask, with just his little outfit on and some tissues..

We got back & he hadn't, no accidents of any kind, It got us both thinking if he really was finally ready, after that evening we asked a few more times and then decided to try him in pants today.

A & I awoke at around 8am, a typical time at the moment he wakes up.

The morning went quite smoothly, & we've adopted this "treat" approach, If he goes to the toilet he'll get a treat, long term using this approach isn't the plan, for now it's working & giving him the idea that using the toilet is fun.

his first accident came at around 10.30am, only a #1 and very little, I figured this was down to habit & forgetting he was wearing pants.

Throughout the day I was asking him every 4-5 minutes and shorter for every large gulp of water he had.

Second accident came at near lunchtime again #1.

Third came after we were playing, I'd asked not a second before he had a little accident #1, stopped himself (which he had extra praise about) so I could get him to the toilet.

the fourth and final was #2, at around 6.40pm, I knew it was coming because he was very reluctant to talk about poo poo in the toilet & thought if I kept an eye on it I could catch him and then sit him on the toilet, unfortunately I was side-tracked sorting dinner & phone calls  

Overall I feel slightly anxious for tomorrow & can't help but mix that in with worry- worry that his stubbornness (inherited from me, granted..) will not help the potty training process.

We've ordered a few bits to help with our potty training journey.
I'll post updates each day as they happen. 

What's helping so far:.
Tons of praise
talking about wearing pants & going to the toilet. 
making the process as exciting & fun as possible.