Our first Gig together.

It occurred to Dean & I that we'd in fact never gone to a gig together, plenty as single people but not as a couple.

Dean's favourite band came to the UK, a rare chance to see them in the UK so we booked them & Sunday was the day, A was looked after by his grandparents & we set off in the evening time for the gig.

We heard great music from Hippocampus,Elle King & of course the main band we wanted to see Modest Mouse!.

We had a lovely Japanese meal together I had plum wine (my absolute favourite!) & Dean had a green tea!, we had sides of sushi & chicken teriyaki, & our mains were pork tonkatsu bento & chicken Karage curry. 

Gig's are a great chance to discover new music & also to relax and become you again, It was lovely just the two of us, we're lucky we each have parents who love babysitting.

We don't do lots as just us as we feel it's not right, but I treasure every "couple" type moment we have together.