The Gro Company// Gro-snug

We love The Gro company, we've brought many many products from them & we recommend them to every parent we come across!.

They are the leading manufacturer in safer sleep solutions for our babies

The Gro company are launching a new & exciting product..


The Gro-snug is a combined swaddle & Grobag that will provide parents with newborn babies a safer alternative to loose bedding.

The simple & reliable option for those of us who are overwhelmed by the many different bedding options that are on the market today.

There's no folding or wrapping required (which can be such a daunting thing for new parents!), simply zip the baby safely and securely in the Gro-snug & that's it!.

Unique features of the Gro-snug:
  • Safe- unique hip healthy design for natural leg position 
  • Chin & Zip guards- prevent rubbing.
  • Unique curved seams create space for natural 'froggy leg' position.
  • Highest quality- no rough seams or edges
  • Snug- arms can be in or out!
  • Poppers can be closed for 'arms in' swaddling to reduce the startle reflex, or open for 'arms-out' transition to a newborn grobag.
  • double lined chest for secure swaddle comfort.
  • Available in two weights of super-soft cotton fabric depending on the temperature of the room
  • Cosy- for cooler rooms between 16-20° C
  • Light-for warmer rooms between 21-25° C
  • Easy- The zip opens from the bottom for easy changing
  • Super-soft cotton with elastane for stretch
  • Extra long and safe YKK zip, (which again opens up from the bottom for easy nappy changes)

Available in 3 designs: Pure white,Grey Marl and rainbow Spot.

Watch the Gro-snug in action!

I really wish the Gro-snug was around when A was born, it would have made our lives a lot easier for nappy changes & the sometimes terribly wrapped swaddles we had to re-do countless times!

We're going to buy Gro-snug ready for our last baby (when we do become pregnant again) 

You can buy Gro-snug worldwide from June 28th 2015 for £22.99